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- shapes of heaven - cotton puffy thingys - have you Looked Up today? Photos taken in Florida, North Carolina and anyplace in-between ... © All rights reserved

Mother Nature ..

- gave us a day full of rain and dull skies yesterday - but, today - just look at the beauty - rain [ liquid sunshine ] - a necessary thing - for a beautiful day like this 1 PiP ** EXPLORE ** Another Link in the Chain -- linking framed bricks with a framed orange beauty reaching up to the clouds --

So beautiful . . .

A day in North Carolina with this sky over head .. Puffy clouds slowly floating by on gentle breezes .. Green leaves arriving on White Ash tree .. Birds in concert .. Iris blooming .. Lilacs of white and also lavender .. Cascading branches of a Mock Orange inviting bees .. Formosa Azaleas .. Wild Petunias are popping up in different places than last year .. Spiderwort [ blue-purple ] .. Honesty Plant aka Money Plant [ Lunaria annua ] .. Star of Bethlehem .. Neighbors walking with their children .. May y'all stay healthy .. From my Front Yard in North Carolina to your Corner of this World.. Peggy ** EXPLORE **

Another Decade -

Yet this North Carolina sky in January - Framed by leafless branches - And puffy clouds - Is very different from last January - We had snow - So far, lots of rain - No snow - Spring wants to get here - But., as we have had no snow - Spring will have to wait - I can hear her soft whisper - ' Am ready - The Daffodil leaves are coming up - Did you see ? ' -- EXPLORE --

A Day for those who - Look Up !

“Clouds are just wisps of nature.” ― Anthony T. Hincks When I went out and saw this magnificent sky - it had to be shared with y'all. North Carolina has had [especially our area] more rain than we need [in my opinion] - After all, when one steps in the yard and the clay dirt goes squish - That is plenty - And all that rain and not one rainbow ! Yes, April showers and all that ... but we started in March - The flowers are blooming - Buds have popped out on all things - But, y'all get Our North Carolina - Because it was there in all the glory Mother Nature provided ! Happy White Puffy Thingys in Our Sky Day !

North Carolina Blues ..

Being a passenger has advantages .. Photos of skies of blues in North Carolina .. On the way back from a short road trip .. Collage overlay of an evening sky .. Of the same day .. * 6 PiP upper L corners * --EXPLORE--


Show Time for this Sunset - 6:31pm EST .. Six minutes is all .. From the top photo .. To the ones on the bottom .. If you blink .. Look what be missed .. Mother Nature really puts on a Show At Sunset .. Through my window gazing across the street .. My neighbors must have a fantastic view .. Especially out an upstairs window ! © All Rights Reserved

.. rain must fall

if one expects sunshine for a garden to grow.. “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” -Audrey Hepburn © All Rights Reserved --EXPLORE--

In the cool evening ..

A blue North Carolina Sky takes on hues of gray - Sunset colors streak overhead - And the Moon is in a world by itself - Only showing part of the surface - Letting us imagine what the rest looks like - Especially the 'Far Side of the Moon' - - 3 PiP - one in left corner of each photo - © All Rights Reserved - EXPLORE -

For the Phantom Photographer ..

Sir Richard of the Land of Lakes - these colors are for you - The Phantom Photographer .. never met him when I was in Florida even though there were days we were in the same location .. Sometimes the same lake, but different sides .. Dick will take photos of things 'because they are there' .. Must admit to the same [talent] at least that will be my term for it .. Dick takes photos around where I used to live .. At times, I'll sit and turn that photo all around .. Trying to figure out .. Which lake is that one ? North Carolina sky of blue with white 'puffy thingys' [Stefan in Germany labeled them] .. Cosmos of brilliant orange .. Taken for www.ipernity.com/home/340545 .. Dick M .. My Phantom Photographer Friend .. © All rights reserved - 1 PiP - -- EXPLORE --
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