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  • Felicia

    My favourite model, favourite camera and lens, and my favourite film. (Hasselblad 500C, Sonnar 150mm, Fuji Pro 160C).

  • Felicia

    A super model, a wonderful lens and a very nice film. What more can you ask for. And all this at the same time! 500C, Sonnar 150mm, Shanghai GP3.

  • shade

    A bit shaky. 150mm f/5.6 with 1/15 and monopod.

  • Tintin

    Theredone has a new name (again): Tintin. It goes well with Milou. 500C, Fuji Pro 160s, Sonnar 150mm, f/4.

  • shoot!

    Aren't they pretty! On the left Shuang with her Carl Zeiss Jena 80mm and tilt adapter on Fuji S5 Pro. On the right Felicia with her super design glasses and pirate headband. :-)

  • bench

    :-D We should have waited for some light clouds . . .

  • more Angel

    Shot on June 5, 2009. It's almost a wedding photo. Not really my style but still kinda sweet. (Hasselblad 500C, Sonnar 150mm)

  • coffee?

    Felicia, second shoot. Most is 120 film, some D200. Have to be patient . . . Shot at Schaep en Burgh. D200, Sigma 10~20mm.

  • Maïsha

    My daughter Maïsha, on my 50t birthday. Nikkor 85mm f/2.

  • Angel

    more Angel

  • Amsterdam

    February 14, 2009. Yesterday we went to Zeist. I made some stunning shots. After taking the twelve shots I wanted to take the film out. Then I discovered there was no film in the back. I was in shock, for at least fifteen minutes. I make photos now for o…

  • couch

    May 1993 I hired a 500/CM for a weekend to do some stills for TV. So happy I did some BW at home too. This is one of the films I recently discovered who survived a horrible fire I had in my attic nine years ago. As you can see there's still some water dam…

  • dog


  • Felicia

    2008, this planar is a very nice lens. B/W Nikon D70 version here.

  • Sinta

    Pretty lady, composer Sinta Wullur . Hasselblad 500C 80mm f/2.8. Fuji 160/S (photo © nils andriessen 2008, do not use without my permission).

  • frost

    a Christmas moment.

  • Felicia

    Close to the centre of our village. (photo © nils andriessen 2008, do not use without my permission).

  • coffee company

    This girl was having an internet meeting. Floating webcams on her screen. You can see the headphone. shot with permission. :-) (photo © nils andriessen 2008, do not use without my permission)

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