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  • Amsterdam

    Vietnamese girls on the Nieuwmarkt. (shot with permission). :-) (photo © nils andriessen 2008, do not use without my permission).

  • getting in

    The bedel or beadle (pedel in Dutch) and professors getting back in the church. My favorite shot made during the ceremony of the doctorate of a good friend. (photo © nils andriessen 2008, do not use without my permission).

  • Sinta

    Good friend and pretty lady, composer Sinta Wullur . D70 1/30, Nikkor MF85mm f/2 @ f/4 (photo © nils andriessen 2008, do not use without my permission).

  • Nude on red blanket

    My very first bought painting ever. I really love it. Artist, Siret Roots .

  • Brugge


  • Felicia

    Still in the centre. 80mm at f/2.8, what a lovely lens :-)

  • window

    Sometimes I really like messy photos. Did not clean the window yet. three years ago . . .

  • Felica 2

    More Felica. Hasselblad 500/C color version here.

  • Felicia 1

    We had a very nice shoot with Felicia today. More to come. (D70 with MF Nikkor 105mm f/2.5 1/250sec at f/4).

  • delft

    near the market.

  • uncle

    portrait of my uncle Louis. © Nils Andriessen 2008. Do not use or republish this photo, or any other photo on my Ipernity pages, without my written permission.

  • petals

    rose, in my garden. Also see

  • funeral

    I always thought it was not respectable to make photos at a funeral. This wonderful photo change my mind. My mother passed away on July 5, age 78. She was an actress. She lived like a queen. We decided she should have a "Royal" funeral. I'm not very sad…

  • de vecht

    De Vecht, from the first roll of my new cam. H001-04

  • on the beach

    Noordwijk aan zee, may 21, 2008

  • on the hill

    Naarden vesting, Holland

  • on the couch 2

    left tijger-jr, right proeproe. daylight. first photo with shanghai gp3 film. good film, but extremely curly.

  • on the roof

    There done on the roof of the car. Yashica-A with Shanghai GP3. I'm very happy with the quality of this film. The grain is very good (small) and development is pretty easy. You can over expose this film with 2 or 3 stops and all will still be fine. cost…

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