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  • Fuji instant

    No dots on the instant version :-)

  • H0xx-11, too many dots, so sad

    For Nori. It's the impress from the ink of the backing paper on the emulsion. Look big size, you will see many horrible dots. First time in 10 years GP3 is letting me down. Very sad :'(

  • View Mont St-Michel

    Mont St-Michel, Normande. hasselblad 500C planar 80mm

  • Milou and the frog

    Milou and the frog. 2009

  • Ĉeský Krumlov

    This one is for my flickr contact 710 . Because we photographed the same subject, very different, in a small town in the Česká republika (Tsjechië). (Dům fotografie, foto Lubor Mrázek. Šatlavská č.p. 141 38101 Čes…

  • Myosotis des bois

    Ne m'oublie pas. Please look es/2048 (150mm with 16mm extension tube).

  • 500C

    Equipment time :-) After dreaming for 38 years, acquired in 2008, Hasselblad 500C (not CM) from 1964. With Planar 80mm and Sonnar 150mm, Totally in love with this camera.

  • Nikon FE

    Equipment time :-) Nikon FE with here Nippon Kogaku, Nikkor-S 35mm f/2.8 non AI lens. My loyal companion since 1983. Normally used with Nikkor 50mm f/1.4.

  • GW DF-3 or 長城 DF-3

    Equipment time :-) Great Wall DF-3. Chinese Single Lens reflex 120 camera. The mirror is the shutter. Only one lens, 90mm f/3.5

  • Village

    Center of our village. Shot with an Agfa Isolette I on GP3. See the Isolette here.

  • Sheep

    Happy Dutch sheep.

  • Proeproe cat

    It's Proeproe again. The balance cat.

  • France

    More architecture from le département Manche, Mont St-Michel.

  • France

    Giverny, Monet, Le Jardin d'Eau.

  • France

    Giverny, Musée des Impressionnistes.

  • Brugge, Bruges

    België, Belgium.

  • Cat balance

    Proeproe on (slope) 6x6 cm.

  • Garden

    Haarlem. Taken in 2008, scanned in 2010.

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