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  • Sunflower

  • Xiao Bai

    Little white.

  • Dandelions

    Yashica-A, Yashikor, 80mm f/3.5

  • Biological

    Biological garden in 's-Graveland, the Netherlands. Selected for the AROUND THE WORLD section of the August Hasselblad Bulletin 2011. round-the-world/around-the-world.aspx

  • Polaroid

    France 2006. Nikon FE 50mm.

  • Ruminating


  • Poppies

    Poppies 2011.

  • Petals 2

    Time for some fresh unseen photos.

  • Terrasse

    My cat Proeproe in chair on new terrace.

  • Le chat noir

    An oldie, April 8, 2008. Shuang with some tasty white beer in Naarden. Yashica-A, GP3.

  • Milou and kitten

    Milou with her first child, Xiao Bai, 5 hours old. Very short. :-)

  • Sheep ..

    .. on old war-house modified to a little hill. (I wish the tags would stay in order when I add them)

  • Daisies

    two flower bokeh.

  • Centre

    Center of village. Shot with an Agfa Isolette on GP3. See the Isolette here.

  • Quick Mill

    Finally a real espresso machine. It's a (second hand) Quick Mill 820. I like the Polaroid film very much. And . . . I cleaned the kitchen. 500C, 80mm, Polaplus 100 back, 664-100asa, 1/2 second at f/2.8.

  • Trip 2

  • Shop

    It's me and it's a mirror, really. No PS. :-)

  • sleep

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