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90 seconds of rain-thunder

Some sound of the thunder we had in Holland today around 12:00. July 27, 2013


Beady Belle. Only vibraphone at the end.

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(Part of) Finding Satsu - John Williams

Part of Finding Satsu, after 1'45". Memories of a Geisha.

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A New Name A New Life - John Williams

I'm becoming a real fan of Mr. Williams. Here Itzhak Perlman and Yo-Yo Ma playing this wonderful music from "Memories of a Geisha". Listen careful at 0'45. Look here for the recording: (not my music)

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Hogwarts Forever - John Williams

Listen to these nice harmonies played by only French horns. (not my music)

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Jazz Autographs - John Williams

For Christmas, my favourite from "The Terminal", Jazz Autographs by John Williams. 1'26" extract. Enjoy!

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La Madrague - Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot - La Madrague. Sur la plage abandonnée Coquillage et crustacés Qui l'eût cru déplorent la perte de l'été Qui depuis s'en est allé On a rangé les vacances ...

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it's easy being green - take 6

shoubedoowap from album unknow to me. when you know, please tell me. maybe only used for television?

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lourdinha - kees & jos

Kees and Jos recording between the boxes. Compositor: Canhoto da Paraíba :-)

labita ... part

Guitar solo played by Romero Lubambo in the song "Labita" on the album Naima. A collection of African and Arabic songs done in a slightly brazilian style, released summer 2004 by Lisa Ono. Amazing guitar player. (so . . . not by me)

Hangtime - Lyle Mays

very nice music. album "Street Dreams". not by me. Lyle Mays on last FM.

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Ending Kazakhstan

music I made for a feature film about tbc in Kazakhstan. I think Ipernity does something with the size or playback, it sound more pure when I play this same mp3 (160kb) from my HD.

Iron Paradise

music I made for a documentary about prisons in south america.

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