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  • The Vivisector

    Gabriel Cornelius von Max: The Vivisector (1883) Neue Pinakothek, Munich See also: www.academia.edu/9962213/Lace-Making_An_ Infringement_of_Right

  • Bonnet Head

    [left]: Mirror view of Henry Holiday's depiction of a bonnet (the hat, not the sail) and "the maker of Bonnets and Hoods" in Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark (1876) [right]: The Image Breakers (1566-1568) by Marcus Gheeraerts the Elder See also:…

  • h40 - Care and Hope

    10000 x 14962 Very large version of www.ipernity.com/doc/goetzkluge/19289339

  • How to make The Omnipotent even more omnipotent

    William Blake's "The Omnipotent" or "The Ancient of [Bad Hair] Days" (1794) New version of www.ipernity.com/doc/goetzkluge/20986205

  • h12 - Butcher and Beaver

    14647 x 10000 Very large version of www.ipernity.com/doc/goetzkluge/19289409

  • h20 - BellmansMap

    10000 x 15627 Very Large version of www.ipernity.com/doc/goetzkluge/19289369 Source: 1st edition of Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark (1876)

  • h11 - The Snark Hunting Party

    10000 x 14769 Very large version of www.ipernity.com/doc/goetzkluge/19289447

  • h10 - The Landing

    10000 x 14598 Very large version of www.ipernity.com/doc/goetzkluge/19289465

  • h60 - Snark Court

    14681 x 10000 Very large version of www.ipernity.com/doc/goetzkluge/19289317

  • h70 - The Banker's Fate

    14850 x 10000 Very large version of www.ipernity.com/doc/goetzkluge/19289299

  • h30 - The Baker's Uncle

    10000 x 14633 Very large version of www.ipernity.com/doc/goetzkluge/19289349

  • John William Colenso


  • h50 - Beavers Lesson

    10000 x 14425 Very large version of vectorized www.ipernity.com/doc/goetzkluge/19289329 PDF: www.academia.edu/9856809/The_Beavers_Les son

  • h80 - The Vanishing

    10000 x 14576 From Henry Holiday's illustrations to Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark (1876) This is a very large version of www.ipernity.com/doc/goetzkluge/19289289

  • Ear & Embryo

    (under work) Henry Holiday can draw ears. So, if an ear does not look like an well depicted ear, there may be a reason.

  • Schnarkverschlimmbesserung

    · from www.academia.edu/9964379/Schnarkverschli mmbesserung [1910]: Illustration by Henry Holiday (illustrator) and Joseph Swain (wood cutter) to the chapter The Banker's Fate in Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark ("corrected" by Macmillan in…

  • Gustave Doré: Les Contes Drolatiques

    An illustration by Gustave Doré to Balzac's "Les Contes Drolatiques" (Paris, 1855)

  • Pig Band

    Detail from an illustration by Henry Holiday to Lewis Carroll's "The Hunting of the Snark"

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