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  • Darwin's snarked Study

  • The Residence of Henry Holiday

    Original plan of "Oak Tree House", the Residence of Henry Holiday (Hampstead, England, 1880).

  • Alice and the Cheshire Cat

    Vectorized (Inkscape) image

  • Alice & Cheshire Cat by Tenniel, Forests by Hill and Warren

    background: Sir John Tenniel: Alice & Cheshire Cat (1866 or 1869?) vintageephemera.blogspot.de/2010/08/book -illustration-cheshire-cat-alices.html center right: William Robert Hill: Alice in Wonderland (1876) twitter.com/Bonnetmaker/status/525660964 7008…

  • Liddell & Boyd (Alice in the looking glass works) by Karl Beutel 2011

    Liddell & Boyd (Alice in the looking glass works) by Karl Beutel 2011 License: CC BY-SA 3.0 Uploaded as commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Liddell_ &_Boyd_(Alice_in_the_looking_glass_works )_ by_Karl_Beutel_2011.jpg by Teufelbeutel (his own work) An illust…

  • W. R. Hill: Alice in Wonderland

    William Robert Hill: Alice in Wonderland, (c1870) (That magic lantern slide formerly shown in nationalmediamuseumblog.wordpress.com/al ice-in-wonderland-lewis-carroll-annivers ary now has been replaced by a slide by Sir John Tenniel.) 2014-10-28: Previou…

  • Who inspired who?

    left: Bonomi Edward Warren: Sportsman and dog on a wooded path (1868, watercolor) center: William Robert Hill: Alice in Wonderland (1876) - without Cheshire Cat (upper and lower segment expanded vertically) That magic lantern slide formerly shown in nat…

  • Easter Greeting

    Easter Greeting by Lewis Carroll printed by James Parker & Co. (Oxford, 1876) for C. L. Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) privately on cream laid fine paper, watermarked by E. Towgood. Tipped in at front end paper of Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark, 1s…

  • Alice is gone

    That night club in Taipei has been closed already even though in 2015 Alice will celebrate her 150th anniversary. However, in 2026 the Snark will celebrate his 150th anniversary as well. The Snark is coming,

  • He stood on his head till his waistcoat turned red

    There was an old man of Port Grigor, Whose actions were noted for vigour; He stood on his head till his waistcoat turned red, That eclectic old man of Port Grigor. Edward Lear, 1872 (In Lear's original illustration, the waistcoat was white. The printin…

  • Grünewald and Holiday

    [top]: Matthias Grünewald: "Visit of Saint Anthony to Saint Paul", retinex filtered, vectorized and color desaturated detail from Isenheim altarpiece (1512–1516). Perhaps also elements from the other altarpiece depicting "The Temptation of Saint Anthony"…

  • Cooling down in Taipei

    A construction worker found a way to cope with 35°C and high humidity in Taipei Photo by Elizabeth Chen-Ming (2014-09) Processing by Goetz Kluge (2014-10)

  • Visit of Saint Anthony to Saint Paul

    Matthias Grünewald, from Isenheim Altarpiece (1512–1516), original and retinex filtered greyshade version. commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Grunewal d_Isenheim3.jpg commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Matthias _Gr%C3%BCnewald_-_Visit_of_St_Anthony_to _St_Pau…

  • Illustration for "Violinschule" by Henry Holiday

    Source: violinschuleengl00spoh_0028.jpg archive.org/details/violinschuleengl00sp oh eBook and Texts > Canadian Libraries > The University of Western Ontario > Violinschule. English"Spohr's violin school / revised and edited with additional text by Henry…

  • Snarking or Gnashing

    See also: www.academia.edu/10407335/Scratching_or_ Scranching_is_not_quite_like_Snarking_or _Gnashing_1866_ SERMONS IN STONES. -- On the road from Salisbury to Lymington is a milestone which is affirmed by very many to render an audible sound to those wh…

  • Fun with Allusions

    I think that Henry Holiday had quite some fun in imagining how the beholders of his illustrations would deal with what they might see. And the cannot hold him responsible for what they see.

  • Firehouse in Tainan

    Taiwan tainancity.wordpress.com/2009/12/19/fire -brigade-old-tainan-joint-government-off ices

  • Ear & Embryo

    Background: Rotated detail from an illustration by Henry Holiday to Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark Foreground: From Charles Darwin's The Descent of Man - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Descent_of_Man ,_and_Selection_in_Relation_to_Sex - commons.wiki…

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