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  • The Future Was Then.

    This ad ran in Popular Mechanics in 1992.

  • The Baker's 42 Boxes and Iconoclasm

    [left]: Detail from Henry Holiday's depiction of the Baker's 42 boxes in an illustration (engraved by Joseph Swain) to Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark. [right]: Anonymous: Detail from the painting Edward VI and the Pope, An Allegory of Reformati…

  • Anguilles jardinières mouchetées, très timides

    === Heteroconger hassi est un poisson anguilliforme. Ce congre-nain est présent en Océan Indien, des Maldives au Nord jusqu'à la mer des Mascareignes au Sud. Il a été observé dans les eaux côtières à des profondeurs allant de 7 à 45 mètres dans les zones…

  • Thomas Cranmer's Boojum (with inset)

    · See also: www.academia.edu/9918883/Thomas_Cranmers _42_Boxes The upper left image is a detail lfrom a print (c. 1630) which shows the burning of Thomas Cranmer. The lower left is a +135° rotated detail from Henry Holiday's illustration (large ima…

  • Apr11Art

    Meeting ran an hour longer than usual tonight, putting me behind on my getting my page done... so no color tonight.

  • Zoo Antwerp

    Gouache , pencil # agnes nys

  • Bart Johnson - L.A. Woman (2015)

    Bart Johnson - L.A. Woman (2015) 220mm×308mm Ink on paper (I acquired the artwork.)

  • 'Pope Innocent X' from a portrait by Velázquez. Pencil and colored pencil (15 x 22 cm)

  • Innuendo- 1.12.15

    mixed media

  • The Vanishing & Thomas Cranmer's Burning

    · See also: www.academia.edu/9918883/Thomas_Cranmers _42_Boxes Sources: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Cranmer_ burning_foxe.jpg www.ipernity.com/doc/goetzkluge/19289289 www.britishmuseum.org/research/collectio n_online/collection_object_details…

  • Courthouse Square Brockville 2009

    Do you see my image on the left ? I painted myself right on the sidewalk ! ha!

  • Erevan, capitale de l'Arménie, au fond le Mont Ararat - Ձմռան Երեւանը

    === Erevan (2012), capitale de l’Arménie, et au fond le Mont Ararat - A winter view of Yerevan, the capital city of the Republic of Armenia, with the backdrop of Mount Ararat - Photo : Serouj Ourishian - Wikimedia Commons - Creative Commons Attribution-S…

  • Schnarkverschlimmbesserung

    · from www.academia.edu/9964379/Schnarkverschli mmbesserung [1910]: Illustration by Henry Holiday (illustrator) and Joseph Swain (wood cutter) to the chapter The Banker's Fate in Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark ("corrected" by Macmillan in…

  • Wimmelbildfassade

  • some glasses - some shadows

    (on black :-)

  • Schuhplenum

    Einzimmerwohnung 1. OG Hinterhaus. Im Vorbeilaufen geknipst - und jetzt "Flashmob" für die Gruppe work-flow Ich sehe kein gutes Foto, aber viele Geschichten. Deshalb.

  • 176/365: "Red is obviously such a stimulating color, and it has so many connotations." --P. J. Harvey

    2 more views in notes above! :) I can't tell you how often it happens that I leave the house with a clear idea of what I plan to take a picture of and I get distracted along the way by something totally different! This morning I was planning to see if I…

  • Mary's and the Baker's Kerchiefs

    [left]: Redrawn segment from one of Henry Holiday's pencil drafts for the depiction of the Baker's visit to his uncle (1876) in Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark. Below the draft you see a segment of the final – and less daring – illustration. [ri…

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