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  • Material sketch

  • Clouds

  • Carroll on the Rocks

    Lewis Carroll, hidden in one of Henry Holiday's illustrations to Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark

  • The Future Was Then.

    This ad ran in Popular Mechanics in 1992.

  • The Baker's 42 Boxes and Iconoclasm

    [left]: Detail from Henry Holiday's depiction of the Baker's 42 boxes in an illustration (engraved by Joseph Swain) to Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark. [right]: Anonymous: Detail from the painting Edward VI and the Pope, An Allegory of Reformati…

  • Anguilles jardinières mouchetées, très timides

    === Heteroconger hassi est un poisson anguilliforme. Ce congre-nain est présent en Océan Indien, des Maldives au Nord jusqu'à la mer des Mascareignes au Sud. Il a été observé dans les eaux côtières à des profondeurs allant de 7 à 45 mètres dans les zones…

  • Thomas Cranmer's Boojum (with inset)

    · See also: www.academia.edu/9918883/Thomas_Cranmers _42_Boxes The upper left image is a detail lfrom a print (c. 1630) which shows the burning of Thomas Cranmer. The lower left is a +135° rotated detail from Henry Holiday's illustration (large ima…

  • Apr11Art

    Meeting ran an hour longer than usual tonight, putting me behind on my getting my page done... so no color tonight.

  • Zoo Antwerp

    Gouache , pencil # agnes nys

  • Bart Johnson - L.A. Woman (2015)

    Bart Johnson - L.A. Woman (2015) 220mm×308mm Ink on paper (I acquired the artwork.)

  • 'Pope Innocent X' from a portrait by Velázquez. Pencil and colored pencil (15 x 22 cm)

  • Innuendo- 1.12.15

    mixed media

  • The Vanishing & Thomas Cranmer's Burning

    · See also: www.academia.edu/9918883/Thomas_Cranmers _42_Boxes Sources: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Cranmer_ burning_foxe.jpg www.ipernity.com/doc/goetzkluge/19289289 www.britishmuseum.org/research/collectio n_online/collection_object_details…

  • Courthouse Square Brockville 2009

    Do you see my image on the left ? I painted myself right on the sidewalk ! ha!

  • Erevan, capitale de l'Arménie, au fond le Mont Ararat - Ձմռան Երեւանը

    === Erevan (2012), capitale de l’Arménie, et au fond le Mont Ararat - A winter view of Yerevan, the capital city of the Republic of Armenia, with the backdrop of Mount Ararat - Photo : Serouj Ourishian - Wikimedia Commons - Creative Commons Attribution-S…

  • Wimmelbildfassade

  • some glasses - some shadows

    (on black :-)

  • 176/365: "Red is obviously such a stimulating color, and it has so many connotations." --P. J. Harvey

    2 more views in notes above! :) I can't tell you how often it happens that I leave the house with a clear idea of what I plan to take a picture of and I get distracted along the way by something totally different! This morning I was planning to see if I…

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