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  • 臭豆腐

    Stinky Tofu --- Yummmmmy!

  • Sharpening at Berkeley

    Department of Sociology, Berkeley University, 2002

  • Thomas Cranmer's Burning

    The left picture is a segment from an print which shows the burning of Thomas Cranmer. The right picture is a +135° rotated detail from Henry Holiday's illustration to the final chapter of Lewis Carroll' s The Hunting of the Snark, In "The annotaded…

  • Lacing Pillow

    --> www.academia.edu/9962213/Lace-Making_An_ Infringement_of_Right Detail from an illustration by Henry Holiday (cut by Joseph Swain) to Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark, 1876. 273 · · The Boots and the Broker were sharpening a spade-- 274 ·…

  • M. C. Escher's allusion to John Martin's "The Bard"

    www.flickr.com/photos/bonnetmaker/846003 2132 This discovery is a kind of "bycatch" from my Snark hunt: M. C. Escher's "Italian" scene shown above (left side) is not a copy like his version (1935) of a segment from a paintig by Hieronymus Bosch. The scen…

  • Yellow Tape Platform Art

    Streetart at Feldmoching commuter rail station, Munich (Anonymous artist - by concept)

  • Munich 1900

    We're getting close.

  • Springtails at Night

    Screen background tile for wallpapers. See also www.collembola.org/doc/art.htm My wife made the original drawing before 1988. I just added the baseball cap and changed the eyes.

  • Cartoons, 1981

    Until 1982, I worked as a journalist for a weekly magazine for the electronics industry. I was in charge of the section for electronic measurement equipment and also made some cartoons for the magazine. [top]: Optical waveguide application: Optical fibe…

  • Southern Californian Factory

    near San Jose, CA, 2005 Tools: very lousy camera, GIMP, Inkscape By the way: I did not manipulate any color hues.

  • The Boojum sitting on some of the 42 boxes

    1875: Proposal for a depicton of a Boojum turned Snark by Henry Holiday (and redrawn by me) to Lewis Carroll. However, Carroll (Dodgson) preferred to leave it to the imagination of his readers (and to the imagination of the Barrister) how the Snark may lo…

  • Be prepared for May 25th (and all the other days)

    Location: Tokyo, Higashiyukigaya

  • Victor in Your Dreams (2013)

    Mahendra Singh (Montréal) holds the copyright to the illustration (depicting Victor Hugo) on the right side. Compare it to the 16th century etching The Image Breakers (1566-1568, mirror view, right side) by Marcus Gheraerts the Elder. I added that compar…

  • El Bug, 1972

    Electronic morse keyer It's a squeeze key built in the year 1972 using CMOS logic. Controls (front side, from left to right) - Power: ON/OFF - Output inversion: ON/OFF - Monitor: ON/OFF, volume - Speed: 6 to 40 WpM - Dot buffer: ON/OFF - Squeeze paddles…

  • IT WAS A BOOJUM (bw)

    [left]: Henry Holiday's back cover illustration (1876) to Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark. [right]: Allegorical English School painting (ca. 1610, redrawn, color desaturated and rearranged 2013) of Queen Elizabeth I at Old Age with allegory of D…

  • The Bellman and Sir Henry Lee (no marks)

    The Bellman (segment of an illustration by Henry Holliday to Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark) and a mirrored view of an unfinished portrait of Sir Henry Lee by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger

  • Wood Shavings turned Pope (1st version)

    From Pope to Wood Shavings [left]: Rotated segment from John Everett Millais: Christ in the House of His Parents (1850). [right]: Rotated segment from anonymous: Edward VI and the Pope, a Tudor anti-papal allegory of reformation, mirrored view (16th cen…

  • 6 Sources to the Beaver's Lesson

    Henry Holiday, Gustave Doré (2x), Lewis Carroll (mirror view), Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger (mirror view), John Martin, Marcus Gheeraerts the Elder (I am not so sure about Henry Holiday's allusion to the image on the lower right side by Marcus Gheeraert…

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