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Felicity CA WWII training (# 0605)

Felicity CA WWII training (# 0605)
In Felicity, with Center of The World in the background, a plaque acknowledging the site of the largest WWII military training ground ever to exist, Camp Pilot Knob. See adjacent picture.

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slgwv club
As I've mentioned, I'd like to get back to the Mojave for some pix of what's left of the camps there. Got nothing back in the 80s--
2 years ago.
Don Barrett (aka DBs… club has replied to slgwv club
Unfortunately there's very little. E Clampus Vitus put up many plaques, particularly along CA-62, but then the metal was ripped off for melting and now they're just concrete posts. There is some talk, sporadically, of doing something more active to commemorate, but never the budget to do it. To me, it does seem like something we should more actively commemorate.
2 years ago.
slgwv club has replied to Don Barrett (aka DBs… club
Sad. I wonder if plaques consisting of (say) engraved letters in concrete would be less attractive. No metal value, and hard to vandalize--
2 years ago.
Don Barrett (aka DBs… club has replied to slgwv club
When I saw that out there, it was quite sad to see. It's a remote area with relatively high levels of traffic, thus easily stolen. But the plaques were created by a volunteer organization to honor something that others seem to want to forget, which made the vandalism doubly irritating. The plaque in this photo is easily accessible, but not in a high traffic area and the traffic that is there is border patrol. It would seem that engraving in concrete would be hard to see; I can't think of any easy solution.
2 years ago.

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