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Brawley CA Spreckels (# 0567)

Brawley CA Spreckels (# 0567)
At Spreckels Sugar plant in Brawley. I'd never seen a sugar beet so had no idea what they looked like (see the truck on the left) or their processing. I was surprised at the amount of processing that occurs outside and this unloading/sorting system is large -- there's a man in a green vest in just about the center of the picture. Also note the high mounds of what appears to be byproduct on the right and in the back; a look at the satellite view shows large ponds of waste adjacent to the plant.

See also the adjacent picture of the plant.

I have to say, I also have no idea what a sugar beet looks like and have no idea what the process is in producing them. It seems like a lot of infrastructure for something I have trouble imagining that people eat. (I'm not a beet fan.)
2 years ago.
Don Barrett (aka DBs… club has replied to Clint
Believe it or not, they're all called Beta Vulgaris, and vulgar is how I felt about edible beets for much of my life! Living in the heat a lot, I've grown to like them on salads. The link below has a picture distinguishing the sugar beet from the one's we eat:
2 years ago.

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