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Vail AZ Union Pacific storage (# 0699)

Vail AZ Union Pacific storage (# 0699)
Hmm…. Along I-10 just west of Benson, you see to the south side of I-10 very long lines of idle Union Pacific diesel locomotives. Per a story of a year ago, May, 2016 (see ‘UP traffic’ below), rail traffic was down 11% and Union Pacific had 292 locomotives parked at this site. While it isn’t possible to tell if there were still 292 locomotives there in June 2017, it did seem like there are a very high number of idle locomotives at the site. Per a more recent report (see ‘overall traffic’), rail traffic was up 5.2% compared to last year.

UP traffic: wolfstreet.com/2016/05/04/freight-rail-traffic-plunges-aar-april-report-photos-idled-engines-transportation-recession

Overall traffic: www.aar.org/newsandevents/Press-Releases/Pages/2017-06-21-railtraffic.aspx

I saw those on our trip through Arizona last year, but we didn't have time to find someplace off the interstate to get a good picture of them. (It was more that I ration my diversions when I'm with Robin, and I anticipated wanting to use the day's allowance for other things.) I had no idea why they were there and forgot to look it up when we got home. It seems an odd method to store idle engines ... but then, I guess if you're going to leave a bunch of engines outside, southern Arizona's the place to do it.
2 years ago.
Don Barrett (aka DBs… club has replied to Clint
Well, it is a state with multiple runways for idle planes. I see these and see an economy not doing as well as some would believe :)
2 years ago.

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