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Build a border wall? Los Algodones MX (#0916)

Build a border wall?  Los Algodones MX (#0916)
In the name of current American political races, some repostings of photos from the past.

Despite the political rhetoric that seems to deny its existence, there is already a border wall for much of the portion of the border that could be walled! The body of that truck is probably 6' tall, so the wall right there is probably about 15' high.

(The original posting is here: Los Algodones MX (#0916) )

Parking lot and border fence on the US side of the border, across from Los Algodones, Mexico.

We need a bigger wall. Made of gold. With the word TRUMP written on it in big gold letters over and over for a thousand miles.
2 years ago.
Don Barrett (aka DBs… has replied to Clint
I assume you're intending "Trump" to be facing south to indicated that the territory to the north of the wall is his....
2 years ago.