Posted on 04/08/2017

Photo taken on July 29, 1969

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When Men Were Men

When Men Were Men
lord, remember back when real men carried spears?
ah, those were the days, archangel.
man, we had fun then, didn't we?
all that fire and brimstone. miracles. you name it.
we pretty much ran the show.
well, except for that one so-called god, ba'al.
yeah. ba'al. what a turd. and that name! too weird.
he had alot of 'em fooled there, for awhile. until we ran him off.
yeah. now he's selling used cars in paterson, new jersey. there's a god for you.
no doubt. say, pass me a lightning bolt, would you?
this one?
yeah. I feel a little . . . archaic. if you know what I mean.
hey, go for it. you are the lord.
that's a fact.
a real fact, lord.
true that.

KYZ has particularly liked this photo


that's how we become with the years passing by
14 months ago.
honeyj has replied to KYZ
you mean not giving a damn?
oh, that's just me I guess.
14 months ago. Edited 14 months ago.
KYZ has replied to honeyj
don't say what i don't say
or say what you want
that's your charm :-)))
14 months ago.
Wow! That is some carving.
9 months ago.