the power behind the throne

My Life Is in Ruins

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  • safe house

    watcha wanna do today, marty? I dunno. watcha wanna do today, mikey? wanna steal some h-bomb secrets? nah, I can't. mom says I gotta be home. yeah. me too I guess. tomorrow though? ok, sure.

  • rocket science

  • free enterprise

  • unity

  • fifth column

  • the power behind the throne

    I have a job interview today, dear. oh? who with? I answered an ad in the paper. not sure who it is. it just says 'looking for healthy males under age 30.' to do what? dunno. but you have to have a 'good soul.' sole? like the sole on a shoe? dunno. maybe…

  • arsenal of democracy

  • 2+2 is on my mind

  • pearly gates

  • B Side

    play something for me, will you? what would you like to hear? oh, something uplifting and hopeful. you mean ironic, in other words. you might say that. I just did.

  • plenary session

  • hour of the wolf

    I hear 'em. they're close. stay away from the window. they'll see you. hell, they can smell us anyway. we're fucked. don't say that. we've got a chance. two chances, actually: slim and none. man, that howling drives me nuts. sounds like there's hundreds o…

  • feng shui

  • presidium

  • once were warriors

  • flux capacitor

    the equipment is ready, herr doktor. do we have the necessary power? yes. I await your signal. excellent. throw the switch! wow. the whole building is moving. in 10 seconds it will cease to exist. in this dimension. cease to exist? but what about us? you…

  • multiculturalism

    larry, why do people fear what they don't understand? my opinion? because they're morons. don't hold back. tell me what you really think. ok. because they're useless fucking morons. may I quote you on that? be my guest.

  • mother ship

    what's the word from our spies on earth, centurian? all is going according to plan, master. earth is defenseless. excellent. deploy our troops. full mobiliization. yes, master. shall we follow usual procedure? absolutely. save only those we'll eat. with p…

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