Posted on 07/17/2015

Photo taken on May 12, 2012

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the inner circle

the inner circle
lord, are you busy?
what is it, archangel?
just doing some housecleaning.
our house needs cleaning?
well, yes, lord, in fact it does. a bit.
but I built it to be perfect forever.
yes, lord, and it is, but a little maintenance can't hurt.
well, if that suits you, fine by me.
you didn't happen to see the paint anywhere, did you lord?
the what?
the cans of paint. it needs a touch-up.
a touch-up? with paint? have you lost it? I built this house with gold and precious stones. no paint.
yes, well, I didn't want to totally blow the budget.
no, I suppose not.
there was that unfortunate expenditure on arcturus.
yes, don't remind me.
it's not your fault, lord. the moon was too big.
created quite a mess when it fell out of orbit though.
these things happen, lord.
tell that to the arcturans who managed to survive.
well, they still have the other 5 other moons to venerate.
true. no paint, archangel. forget about it.
I understand, lord. so, how do you feel about. . . wallpaper?

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!!! Nicely taken, very beautiful
2 years ago.
That's an amazing ceiling and well taken.
2 years ago.
What a great image! Thanks for sharing!
2 years ago.
Your beautiful capture was admired in Historical & Architectural Gems.
2 years ago.