• nora likes ellsworth kelly

    where's the guard? he went to the next gallery. ok, quick, let's take this picture. you know you're not supposed to. I'm sure mr. kelly wouldn't mind.

  • no way out

    hey, paulie, how do we get out of here? whaddya mean? we just arrived. I know. I got a bad feeling about this place, that's all. how come? can't you just enjoy the sunset like everyone else? you mean, like those 2 over there? who? the 2 guys in blue. as i…

  • rooted

    edna, somebody's at the door. can't you get it, stanley? I'm basting a turkey. dammit edna, I'm watching the game. just get up off your butt and answer the door, stanley. I'm sure it's for you anyway, edna. well just tell them to wait. I'm gonna tell them…

  • apocalypse

    is it the end? not at all. just the beginning. the beginning of what? move over here and I'll show you. mmm. ok.

  • cover

    he's up there, private. go find him. I don't see him, sir. how will I know it's him? he's wearing a banana on his head. oh. ok. I"m kidding you idiot. he'll have a gun aimed at you. think you can remember that? right. got it.

  • slept here last night

    dude! that is one sweet sleeping bag! you cannot sleep in it. it's mine. just for one night! don't even think about it! comfy! dammit! get out! nighty night. hey! who took my last twinkie?

  • retreat

    think they'll find us here? not if we don't want them to. I don't want to ever be found. how about by me? silly boy. you already found me. I did, didn't I. yes, thank god.

  • they see us

    don't move. don't even breathe. what's wrong? look. over there. my god! what is that? I don't know, but it's looking right at us.

  • it's here

    did you see it? where? below that ripple. it just came up for air. it's there right now. what is it? I dunno, but it was huge. how huge? huge enough that you would be no more than a light snack. ok, I've heard enough. I'm outta here. right behind you.

  • where the money is

    geez, boss. how long we gonna stay on this road? what's the matter with you, curly? it's beautiful here. yeah, I know, but geez, boss, we been driving for hours. we'll get there when we get there. where we goin'? anyplace where there ain't cops. well, the…

  • launch codes (запуск коды)

    which one is it? the tall one, over there. how can you tell? I know. I designed it. no kidding? and that's just one of many. hundreds. it might as well be invisible. that's the idea. a missile. disguised as a building. how cool is that. it's ancient techn…

  • I, robot

    guess who this is: 'you want some more?' yeah, the bartender in '5th Element.' pretty good, huh? you are a very talented machine. thanks. it's all in my circuitry. go ahead and pour yourself a drink. well, maybe I'll have a little lubricating oil. just a…

  • they only come out at night

    did you hear that? no. what? something's moving out there. you're imagining things. there's nobody else here. no, man. I heard it. like a clicking. oh shit. what? I see it. it's coming this way. OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT THING? I don't know, but I'm not wait…

  • rock of ages

    I suggest you don't get any closer. why? it's a bunch of rocks. you go over there, you're not coming back. what're you talking about, man? it all started here. it's like a black hole. say what? I'm just telling you. be warned. don't go there. put down the…

  • particle accelerator

    did anybody bring the cream cheese? roger was supposed to. well, where is he? he couldn't make it. says he has a cold. dammit! so now what are we going to do? well, how about I go pick up some butter? butter? are you nuts? you can't put butter on a bagel!…

  • outlaw blues

    play me something, joey. whaddya wanna hear, pauley? somethin' nice. you know, soothing. soothing, eh? how about 'cry me a river?' that ain't soothing. that's downright sad. yeah, well that's what you're gonna hear. know why? why, joey? cause you screwed…

  • the wrath of god

    and so God got totally sick of mankind, right? he told Noah he's gonna destroy the earth, and all living creatures dwelling under the heavens. yeah, cattle, fowl, crawling creatures, all that. so he makes it rain 40 days and 40 nights, right? and the eart…

  • casualty

    the fuse is lit. ok, clear everybody out. what about charley? except for him. really? he'll never know what hit him. gee, I hope not. hey. better him than you, right? thanks. you are so comforting. I try.

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