you see what I'm seein', al? dispatch told us it was an ungodly mess. yeah, but if I wasn't lookin' at it, I'd never believe it. it's our crime scene. what the hell are we supposed to do? FIDO. yeah? yeah. fuck it. drive on. is that departmental policy? it is far as I'm concerned. what a mess. you said it pal.


road work

very unusual paving material you're using, sidney. yes, well, we ran short of macadam, you see. uh huh. luckily, however, we had lots of extra size sevens. of course. that makes perfect sense. you think? yes, in fact it gives me hope that there remain faint glimmers of civilization in this barbaric slaughterhouse once known as humanity. wow. don't hold back. I never do. no kidding.



are you comfortable? of course. are you? I always am, when I'm looking at you. aw. shut up and take the picture.


life in the big city

does it speak to you? oh yeah. what does it say? we're going to hell. bummer.


very stable sh*thole

good morning, herr doktor. ah, there you are my boy. recovered from our last experiment, have you? almost, thanks. good! just sit here. what now, doktor? we are testing my new theory on the reception and detection of pseudo-profound bullshit. how will we do that? simple! you're going to watch the president's latest news conference. no! that will be so painful! true, but we'll be swamped with data, believe me.



how do I look? great, dave. you look great. cool with the pipe and all? way cool. and my hair? it's all great. can I have my bike back please? oh. sure. thanks.

Nora Likes Morris Louis

what does it mean? hold on, I think it's coming to me. yeah? got it. it's a code. it is? what does it say? it says, "nora, u r 2 cute." oh daddy.

Feed Your Fear

say, alice, you wanna go out tonight? ok, ralph. where are you taking me? there's this little place in the city. the city? is it safe? oh sure. nuthin' to worry about. I don't know. my parents, they don't let me go there. . . just wear your, you know, boots. on a date? and maybe waders, too. are we catching frogs? I hope that's the only thing we catch.

Eternity of Time

we found it, private. what's that, sir? the portal. there it is. at last! portal to what, sir? the other side. the 4th dimension. an alternative universe! are you sure about that, sir? no question, private. my guru told me about this. was that in officer training, sir? well, no. it was allen ginsberg. at a poetry reading in 1968. oh. but he knew! he knew! of course, sir.
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