Kinosaki Manhole Cover

Japanese Manhole Covers

When walking around, seeing the sights, sometimes it's worthwhile to look down.

Kinosaki Manhole Cover

Kinosaki is an Onsen, hot spring, town. 8 or 10 onsens there. I soaked in about 6 of them.

another manhole cover

Matsuyama Manhole cover near Toon City

It's a rainy day here in Senrioka and I have an internet connection, -a good time to upload a few pictures

Manhole cover

This is much more interesting than one that says 'Detroit Ironworks' or some such.

Noto Manhole

From the Noto Peninsula, Japan. One more in my manhole lid series....

'nother manhole

Another Manhole in Uwajima

This man hole is in a -many block long- roofed mall in Uwajima, that used to be an open street, that before that, used to be part of the moat around the castle hill.

Uwajima manhole in living color

Not sure if I like their color or plain steel version best.

Uwajima manhole

I just got back to Umenomoto after a 2 day trip to the Uwajima area of Sukoku Island. As that's where they have bull fights (bull against bull), this is one of their manhole cover designs.
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