Signs of civilization

Landscape & Nature vol. 4

Beyond the snow

The topiary and the moon

Fallen fence


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Two apartment-hotels were built for the single men who worked at the Weyerhaeuser Lumber mill. The surrounding houses were built by Weyerhaeuser as family housing. (You can see the massive mill footprint on Google Earth, now partially occupied by the much smaller Collins Wood Products.) It employed hundreds of people when it closed down in 1992. The mill had been in operation since 1929 and at its peak employed 1,200. It was the largest employer in Klamath Falls, so its closure dealt a terrible blow to the local economy. The domino-effect closed many secondary businesses that served the mill and its employees. The town has never recovered and likely never will, as it is so geographically isolated, and the population so lacking in modern technical skills, that it does not attract new industry. History of the mill in KF:

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Parade of clouds

From the top

April sky

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AA286 Season.

Silver Tip Trailer Court

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Beyond that fence, rather seedy and it's been there since the early 1950s. So has that sign, which had a predictable name plastered across it for the 2016 election.

Blooming field

Aging bouquets

Aging bouquet

25 May 2019 6 4 136
This reminds me of a greeting card from 1898.

Falling petals

Fading poppies

Woodbine on a fence

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Also known as Virginia creeper. Stunning scarlet and orange in the fall with small, round purple-black berries. Fast growing, but manageable. Insignificant greenish flower clusters in summer.

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