Signs of civilization

Landscape & Nature vol. 4

A simple landscape

25 Dec 2018 6 9 97
This hill looms in the background of many of my photos (whether I like it or not).

Red branch dogwood

Frosty things

Cars, trees, mountains

Acute triangle

24 Jan 2019 6 10 156
Or, maybe it's a right triangle, I didn't measure. I'm shocked that I even remember the names of two kinds!

24 hours of snow

Waiting for leaves

What's left of snow

Lake Ewauna

13 Mar 2019 6 8 144
A reservoir between Klamath Lake and Klamath River that served as a log-floating pond for the lumber mills and box manufacturers along the shore. Log trains would dump their loads into the pond, to be pulled up into the mills with machinery. A few remaining structures of one of them, Modoc Lumber Co., can be seen across the lake. Many sunken logs have been salvaged from the bottom of the lake in recent years.


13 Mar 2019 7 10 145
Some of you already know that I like taking photos of nothing. ;-b

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