Signs of civilization

Landscape & Nature vol. 4

Quail visitors

29 Oct 2018 2 7 86
Some on the walkway, some under the bush. I think of these little birds as a herd, because they run around on the ground. The population has increased and there can be as many as 20 of them dashing back and forth and chirping together. I'm very fond of them. (Bad shot, but I finally got a photo of them standing somewhat still in decent light.)

Last flower

29 Oct 2018 1 2 80
That red is impossible with my camera or my phone. Another version:

Maple leaves in Russian sage

Another time

05 Nov 2018 10 11 104
Stupid wires! They won't defeat me!

Raining coins

Toy camera debris

13 Nov 2018 2 93
Toy camera effect, not a real one. .....

The lake

14 Nov 2018 1 4 94
The boat-looking thing in the lake is an algae-collecting machine. There is a company that harvests, processes and sells the green algae for dubious wellness purposes. (Hahaha - sorry, Andy, I had to mention it.)

Sandstone columns

14 Nov 2018 9 15 134
There is a hill north of town that consists mainly of ordinary sandstone and sandstone columns. They are not the usual black or grey columns, so I was confused. In my very brief reading about basalt columns, it seems that sandstone columns could be formed by flood, rather than volcanic activity, although the area has had a few million years of both volcanic activity and deep water coverage (now the much smaller Klamath Lake). Any explanation by those more informed than I would be appreciated! Edit: Later, I found this... Fascinating, but I don't understand it well. It seems these really are sandstone, do form in proximity to volcanic activity, are found around the world, but are rare.

Medical center and Oregon Tech

14 Nov 2018 2 8 112
The smoke is back. About 100 miles south, in California, is the worst fire ever in that state. An entire town of 27,000 population, named Paradise, has burned down. There has been another, smaller fire in Malibu, southern California. Statistics for the N. California fire (w/ updates): 11/19/2018... 79 dead, nearly all in the Paradise fire 699+ still missing 9,700 homes burned down 13,000 total structures Thousands of residents had to literally run for their lives and the majority of those killed were over 60 years old. That fire is moving toward Chico, a city of 90,000. Mass evacuations. Everyone is in shock about this sudden flare-up of fires and the horrifying death toll. More info:

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