Signs of civilization

Landscape & Nature vol. 4

So yellow...

29 May 2018 11 19 149 almost hurts to look at it! I know it's not a sedum, it might be candytuft. UPDATE: I found out what this is, today. Talked to someone in town, then came to IP to see that Keith and slgwv had guessed right! So, it is officially Lydian Broom . I had only known broom as the tall, invasive Scotch Broom. Well, this is the short, spreading and invasive relative. I will not be planting any, as it has spread like crazy downtown in just a few years.

Light through clouds

Upper Klamath Lake

On Hagelstein Ridge

Above Hagelstein Park

View to the south

29 Jun 2018 8 2 147
AA283 Beauty in nature.


29 Jun 2018 5 6 84
Photo Sept 2012.

Into the weeds

Whaler Island

Rock wall

10 Oct 2017 9 9 166
Whaler Island, Crescent City, California.

Whaler Island

10 Oct 2017 16 23 285
Here is some granite for you, Andy. I guess it's granite, I don't really know...


29 Jul 2018 4 10 80
This is from many fires, but the largest (the "Carr fire") is about 140 mi. south of me. The Klamath Basin is downwind of most fires in the general region and the basin-like topography holds smoke for a long time. There has not been a genuine blue sky for about 10 days and the air quality is labeled "very unhealthy," with warnings about staying inside as much as possible. At the same time: high heat, drought, wind... ;-(

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present...

05 Aug 2017 13 29 204
...BLUE SKY WITH ONLY A TINY BIT OF SMOKE! First time since early July. What fun! Many people were out today just admiring the sky. Oh, and I bought a new laptop and have almost everything transferred from the old one, so I'm up and running again. There is a lot of photo re-organizing to do, they're now ALL in one folder. So far, I love it. It's this one: Lenovo Ideapad 330S, 15.6" and very affordable.

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