After several months of hard work, we are proud to announce...

...the ipernity API ;)

Welcome, developers! The API gives you freedom to create new applications that are powered by ipernity functionalities: web services, device applications, gadgets...

We've done everything to make the ipernity API simple and fun to use, even if you're not an experienced programmer. Each API method is implements a specific function and is well documented. Better yet, you can try every API method live. The ipernity API is compatible with all programming languages. There are also several API Kits to get started quickly.

Several groups are dedicated to the API including the API users group where you will find help, and the API development group where you can monitor current and future developments.

Ready to dig in? Visit the list of available methods or look at some applications that use the API.
We'll send a bottle of Champagne to the first three cool applications ;-)

The ipernity API is in BETA. During the coming weeks, we will continue to add new methods. Do not hesitate to give us your feedback in the API development group..

Dear members, since anyone can now write his own program connected to ipernity, cool features extending your ipernity possibilities will be put at your disposal very soon. Applications will be referenced in our 3rd-party applications directory. The best ones will be promoted in that blog.

Don't forget to tell your favorites applications authors how much you'd love to see those services connected to ipernity!

Clap clap clap ;-)

Thanks to Christophe and Tristan from ipernity for their hard work.

Special thanks to Luke, Craig, Phill, José, Rosmen, Paolo, Christian, Joerg, Sascha, Paul, Cindy, sencay, Rita, Roel, Oscar, Javier, Zhang, from our translator community, who bring you the API documentation in 10 languages.

Thanks in advance to the API developers community for contributing.

And many thanks to all of you who support us every day ;-)

Your ipernity Team