There is no escaping it: ipernity has changed! Here is a non-exhaustive list of improvements that we have made.

Your content is better organized

Your photos and videos are now regrouped in the "Photos" section.

Your Word and PDF files, your sound archives and your other content are regrouped in the "Docs" section.

The Keyword tags become search by Keyword.

The Tag section becomes Photos with specific people.

The Geotags section becomes Navigate on the map.

Your photos are displayed in large and fit the size of your screen.

New image formats (up to 2048 pixels large) are available for a total immersion!

Never less you can protect your creations by limiting the maximum size displayed (to be done in your photo quality settings).

The content of your homepage is now personalizable

Your homepage has now a new banner which you can edit by going to your layout settings. Let your imagination run free! If you are a group administrator you can also edit the banner of the group's homepage.

The title and the content of this page are also editable. Go to your layout settings to see all the different possibilities that are open to you. We are going to add more functions depending on your remarks very soon.

Facebook, Google+, Twitter...

ipernity matches perfectly with your favorite social network.

Just like before you can decide if your visitors can share or not your public content on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter (we have removed Pinterest as it did not represent a large amount of interest and popularity).

Sharing buttons will be displayed on your public content depending on your settings.

We can also post a message for you on your Facebook timeline or send a Tweet to inform your friends when you add new public photos or videos. For this you need to associate your Facebook or Twitter account to your ipernity account. Go to your social network settings you will find these new possibilities and will be able to apply them!

Finally you can in only a few clicks invite your Facebook friends, your Google or Yahoo! contacts to join you on ipernity. Go to your contact page and to the Invite people section.

Three new views for albums: photos, docs and map

The photos and docs of an album are now displayed separately for better browsing.

We also offer the display of photos of the album on the map. Very handy for travel albums!

The vocabulary is simplified

Say goodbye to the ugly word Document that regrouped all your content.

Your network becomes Your contacts.

Tag disappears and is replaced by Keywords and People identified

We won't speak anymore about Blogs but about Articles

No need to be PRO to benefit of exclusive advantages: welcome to the ipernity Club!

Of course registering to ipernity remains free with a bunch of limited services.

To take full advantage of ipernity we suggest you become a member of the Club. For only a few $$ a month, you will treat yourself to the best online service there is to tell your story day by day with photos.

By becoming a member of the Club you will contribute in financing an independent and quality service :)

We have a 3 months plan which is very reasonable so don't hesitate!

Users of a PRO account in the previous version of ipernity become automatically members of the ipernity Club. As such they benefit from the same advantages than the previous PRO offer and their subscription period is unchanged.

Learn more about the ipernity Club...

New setting pages

The previous "setting" pages have been totally reviewed for a better understanding and a better control of your privacy. We suggest you go and check it out!

Content filters for more security

A content filter system is gradually being put in place to best preserve children and people who might be sensible to inappropriate content. The content filter only works at this time on the mobile version and the new iPhone application of ipernity which is due to come out very soon. You can set this filter at your convenience in your account's settings.

We will speak to you about this very soon.

New iPhone application and soon for Android

A brand new iPhone application will be out in the few days to come. We are waiting for Apple's go-ahead. You will be able to upload in one go all your photos and videos from your iPhone to your ipernity space. You will also be able to browse albums and photos directly from the application.

We will speak to you about this again as soon as it is available in the App store.

And many more improvements to which we leave you the pleasure to discover!

This off course is just the beginning and we shall share with you in a few days the next improvements that we have scheduled.

We have put all our passion, energy and our knowledge to this new version.

We hope that you will be entirely satisfied.

Don't hesitate to leave us your feedback, it means a lot to us and is very helpful.

The ipernity Team