Well, the headline is only there for rhethorical reasons and to allude to Michael Jackson's Song of his late 80ies' Album Bad, where he ingeniously serenades a girl from Africa. I might have been in a similar mood at the end of last night, when running into her: Early 20ies, lots of charisma for her early age, shiny teeth, killer - I mean KILLER - body, the fine shape of which was even visible through her linnen dress, long story short: I was bedazzled! And those, who have known me, also know I have a thing about dark skin. I can honestly say, I have never seen a girl as beautiful as her in real life.

Problem was: She was with a group of people and I had shown up with a female person (just a friend, though, if at all) as well. So: I seemed to be out of luck of approaching her and testing the waters in terms of whether or not she would warm up to me. But then, Lady Luck joined us and I got to talk to her, while lining up at the bar of this place, a movie theater I like coming to very much for its select program, and they opened up this new cinema lounge, which is a small venue with leather couches and tables, where you get to watch short movies and clips parallel to the regular program in a more relaxed and open atmosphere - nice! So I apologize for accidentally having pushed her (call it a first physical encounter in four years as I got to rub myself against her fine back for 30 seconds, LOL!) and chat away a bit. Anyway, the details aren't important here. What I rather mean to share is the predicament: I mean, at the end of the night, her group and my friend - who apparently knew each other - we even found ourselves at the same table and I got to talk to her a bit more, learning a few details about where she stays, what she does (finishing an apprenticeship) etc. But let's be real now: She is half my age, I could easily be her father (I'm still doin' better than Arthur in "King of Queens" when falling for Holly LOL!) and on top of it: Would I be able to at least pretend being interested in things you normally do at this age? Like taking her to dance halls and public parties, hanging out with people of her age, talking about clothes, fancy places, expensive vacations etc.? I might do her injustice as I don't know her, but chances are I'd find myself acting like the proverbial sugar daddy and being her personal chauffeur, spending budget provider (the budget required I lack, b.t.w.), entertainer and whatnot. Plus: I am looking out for different qualities in a girl or lady now than I used to, which ranks physical appearance further down the list of criteria.

However: The fucking hormones succeeded in getting my head spinning and I just might have to give her at least one call for a get-together over cup of coffee - just to quench my curiosity, if for nothing else. Do I hate to be male, be ruled by hormones, have feelings and dreams? You bet! Am I being pathetic? Without a doubt.

P.S.: To my great surprise and very unusual for this place, the film that was shown never got to me - and I'm pretty confident, it wasn't for 'her'. It just didn't convey the kind of humour I was able to be open to, last night. Hm... very odd.