When? And how so? There's a very simple - and even more compelling - reason, and this is it: While flipping the TV remote control, I momentarily paused at a program called "Quiz Cab", which is probably the most stupid show TV programmers could have ever come up with. Usually, I dial it away to prolong the life cycle of my TV set, but this time I had to stop for a minute, because the two guys doing the quiz looked like two former colleagues of mine. Anyway. The question was: Which major theme park in California is located on South Harbor Boulevard?

Well, there's Universal Studios, but they aren't on South Harbor Blvd. (To be honest: I don't exactly know, where S.H.B. is located). Then, there's Disneyland, but I would be surprised, if the street name was this. OK, I admit it: I wouldn't have known, either, and passed - or used the wild card. But then, I might not be as smart as the two candidates of the Quiz Cab. The next thing you'll know is one of the two guys bursting out: "I got it!", whereupon the other guy turns in awe, waiting for his friend to come up with the solution. Guess what? "It's - " - long dramatic, rhethorical pause - "it's gotta be - NASA!".

NASA? A theme park? Of course! What's more natural than that?

So, now it's official: The level of public education seems to have surpassed that of the States... and Germany has become the 51st American State. It's been the week of revivals (70ies, 80ies, 90ies), so I think, this fits very well: Roman Empire, welcome back!