Yesterday after my stroll to the shops the day turned wet and cold and with no indoor projects at the moment I looked for something useful to pass the time. I decided on loading some books into my Kindle. The only thing is my books are in Epub or other files that Kindle can't read so they need converting. I selected a dozen or so from my library and a batch conversion in Calibre soon solved the problem. All I had to do was select the type of output file I wanted,in this case Mobi and click a button. They were converted in seconds ready to be loaded onto my P.C. Kindle reader which in turn synchronised with both my table and the Kindle reader itself. Now I have the books on all of my gadgets.
I do like the feel of a good book but the reader is very good for storing more books than I could possibly afford or house. I have the full works of Charles Dickens to name just one,imagine the price of that in hardback.
The day has been dull and cold again but the cats were off on an adventure and peace ruled. That is until a few minutes ago. I heard the cat flap go twice in rapid succession followed by a chorus of meows and turned to round and noticed it is raining stair rods out there which was enough to send the cats scrabbling for home. Now they are careering around the house upstairs and down causing mayhem,I need a coffee.