As some of you were silly enough to write nice things about my trip to town photos I thought I would inflict more pain on you. Most of you on here have not seen the humble area I live in so here is a trip from Bargain Booze passing the Co-op,The Bakery,The Farm shop,Macs,the School, and Tesco. Apart from a Chemist,a ladies hairdressers and wet and dry cleaners this is all the shops we have . Anything else including petrol, means a trip over the bridge. We have no police or ambulance based here and the fire service is part time but I wouldn't live anywhere else.
Along the way you will see Mags,lollipop lady and character she is world famous on the island,everybody knows Mags.
The two photos before Mags appears are of Ocean road and which runs the full width of the island after that you get your feet wet.My house is the one with a green bit on the front.