A lovely sunny day here,so I was up with the sparrows and stared my chores,firstly feeding the cats of course,they watched me dish their breakfast up then promptly vanished into the garden and beyond on an adventure.Next I sorted the bird feeders out and gave them fresh water. That is the daily routine,you will notice I come bottom of the list of morning priorities.
The next job to be done was my laundry, a task Ellen does of a Saturday if she is at home but she leaves for Blackpool and a weekend with Colin straight after work. I loaded the machine and set it going before making myself some breakfast,this morning I had sausage butties with HP sauce,and two cups of coffee while watching the bun fight as the Starlings bickered at the bird feeder.
I checked the news and e mails on here while waiting for the washing machine to finish before hanging the clothes on the whirly,what a delight to have them dry outside in the sunshine.

Then the main job of the day, grass cutting.I started on the front or I least I intended to start on the front when I heard little Luiz shouting "Mick,Mick,Mick" over and over again from the corner of the street until he and Janine reached me.He showed me his new book and told me Sooty had been reading it.So between talking to him and Janine I was late starting the mowing.It was the third cut on the grass and it is looking like somebody owns it now. Janine told me she gave the cats roast duck yesterday, talk about spoilt cats. The mowing took me up until lunch time so I had a break and made myself some cheese,onion and Branson buns,lovely grub.
I read for a little while to let this old body rest before starting on the back grass which I got through without interruptions.I didn't do any strimming my back was telling me not to,so that's for tomorrow if the weather holds.The mower has been cleaned and stored and I am sat with another coffee,the only job left is to bring the laundry in and later I will make an easy but delicious dinner of stir friend chicken in a curry on a bed of Basmati rice. Have fun,catch you soon.