After two bitterly cold days today feels positively tropical with temps hitting 50f that's around 10 in new money.
The sun is shining from a cloudless sky so a stroll over to town for my delayed shopping trip.I had a gander round Home Bargains and was pleased to find they seemed to stock the sort of things I buy at good prices. They even have ranges new to me which I will be trying out in the coming weeks.
The morning was warm enough to discard my big coat and don a lighter one plus I removed my fleece,wonderful stuff I don't suppose it will last.
On my return I sat with a coffee plotting my day and spied a Magpie tucking into the fat balls on the feeder.I don't encourage Magpies because although they are pretty birds they do bully the smaller ones.

After a coffee I decided it was time to put my experiment into action.I have seeds for a cornflower meadow,which is 80% grass 20% seeds so I bulked the seed content up with a lot of the seeds I saved last year such as poppies and anything else I thought might take.This has put the levels up to around 60-40 which isn't bad.I scraped along the back borders and the area that was a wild flower patch a couple of years ago and broadcast the seeds.I watered them in and left them to it. I decided that turning the ground over and preparing it was a waste of time after last years disaster with the cats digging latrines all over the place. It's up to Mother Nature now and we all know she can be a toughie to deal with,I just hope she is in a better mood this year.

As I was saying goodnight to Jenny last night I spotted a full moon in a clear sky so took a couple of shots at different zoom settings,they are not perfect but considering I took them without a tripod but just hand held they turned out not bad.

Ellen is working until 5 today so I have a cottage pie prepared and ready for the oven for when I feel hunger pangs,cottage pie reheats well so Ellen can have hers whenever.
Time for a sit in the garden before I do that and then a catch up on here.Catch you soon