I have a chicken casserole going at the moment and the smell of the herbs particularly the rosemary and thyme reminds me of the smell often emanating from my maternal grandparents house. That smell signaled my granddad's favourite dish was on the hob namely sheep's head. These days there is a lot of talk about what is in our food although I think that is mostly processed stuff. Any Brit of my age and older will have eaten a fair number of unusual things in the early post war years and horse meat was amongst them along with dog fish.There is a lot of more traditional food still around but mainly fallen from grace with the general public such as lambs heart, tripe and onions pigs snouts and trotters.Even an nice piece of lambs liver is sure to make some folks pull a face and rabbit was very popular and free if you lived in rural areas as we did.The herbs mentioned above and a host of others were picked from the wild.

When I was a child one of the most popular mineral waters,or pop as we called it,was Dandelion and Burdock,something I haven't seen for years.
It's funny how a smell can see you drifting back through time

I give you my thought of the day. Surely a book on self help is a misnomer,think about it.

Finally a photo of sparrows feeding at sunset taken yesterday during one of the brief dry spells we had.