After a very wet day yesterday this morning was dry but the rain would soon appear.I walked over to town with Stephen as per usual nowadays. I snapped a shot of some mussels bagged up and ready to go on the beach,there were 20 bags all filled by hand with a shovel so somebody has been working hard.If you like seafood this is the place to live with cockles,mussels,whelks,periwinkles,
shrimp,crab and lobster all ready to be harvested and free of course plus lots of fish just waiting to be caught.

I had to change my shopping trip slightly,when I got to B&M their tills were down so they couldn't open until a tech came and fixed them.I Just walked a few yards to Home Bargains and got what I wanted and even saved a few pennies.It is a long time since I visited Home Bargains and it was a pleasant surprise,they have extended their range and brought prices right down,no doubt because B&M opened a few yards away.They also open at 10 instead of 10:30 which makes things easier for me so I will change my routine and shop there instead.Other than that nothing exciting to report,the cats are still careering around like demented things scattering anything in their path,Ellen returns tonight and the rain has set in,just for a change. Catch you soon.