Another wet and dark day here,the island is blanketed in a sea mist,very damp and
Today as I am cabined up and Ellen's away I am going to make a very
unhealthy but delicious dinner.I have some nice pork sausage from the butchers so I will fry a few onions in the pan,set them aside and fry the sausage in the same
pan.I am going to have them with thick chips,none of your skinny french fries here
thank you very much,A portion of baked beans to accompany them and the chips I
will smother in a mild curry sauce full of fruit.This meal will no doubt cause flatulence but I'm am home alone so I don't care.

I was amazed to read this news flash about one of the banks refusing to give
people their own money,cheeky swine after the billions they wasting and we had to bail them out.