An unpleasant day here.We have a very cold north westerly blowing in from the
Irish Sea bringing hail showers.The temps on the gauge bear no resemblance to how bitter it feels outside. Maybe the winter is going to take it's first bite at us.
The cats were intrigued when the saw and heard the hail on the window and
wandered into the garden to investigate a few sharp pings on the nose and ears
were enough to sate their curiosity and they returned a lot quicker than they left.
With this cold and hail forecast yesterday I decided shin beef stew would be the
dinner today and it is bubbling away nicely in the slow cooker,it will certainly be very
welcome around 6pm.
It is also much darker today, yesterday I was reading without a light until nearly 5
today 3 was the deadline for reading in daylight.
I best check on the stew see if it needs tweaking catch you soon