I'm cabined up again today,watching heavy rain flood my garden,we did have
snow warnings but we got rain instead.No doubt the snow will have given the fells a
I am spending a lot of time in my Queen Ann chair and feeling the benefits,I haven't
had any trouble with my back for a while now and even in the morning when getting
out of bed required a roll onto the floor has changed. I can sit on the edge of the bed and do my loosening exercises with no pain only a little stiffness.
The result of my time on the chair is that I am getting back to reading a lot more and
doing cryptic crosswords,I am on The Telegraph's latest offering and it's taxing
my feeble brain nicely thank you.
Now I am going to cobble a meal together,I have no idea what until I spot the
ingredients that catch my eye but it will be veg soup with crusty bread for starter's.
Catch you soon