Well Christmas say came and went quickly and a grand day it was.In between visits and feeding I finally caught up with Max on Skype for a chat and then Jenny and Mandy
There was only Ellen and me for dinner,roast duck breast with
a Honey and pomegranate juice glaze was the main fair with a
traditional roast. Late in the afternoon we wandered off to
Stephens for nibbles and beer with the rest of the family.
Aaron bought Ellen a blow up zimmer frame which caused much amusement.Her a Carl gave us a demonstration of his
idea of helping an old codger across the road.I must have been good because Santa brought me the drill I wanted,a better one than I expected in fact. This years amusing gift was from Jenny with a little help from Mandi.It is called 50 sheds of grey, an hilarious parody on a certain book with a very
similar title.
Boxing day is going to be a quiet one,we don't even know what
we will be eating yet,maybe we'll just have a chew on
something when we get hungry.I hope you all stayed safe and had fun yesterday here are some snaps of our day at Stephens.