The storm is passing through,only a couple of hours and it should be gone.We didn't get the winds we feared unless there is a sting in the tail the gusts barely got above 50mph not uncommonly high on the island.
I had my ears lowered today so I look pretty for Santa coming,it is handy having Ellen as my live in barber
We had a visit from my son Stephen earlier,he brought the gift he and Ellen went halves on,it won't be a surprise unless it's not a drill because that's what I told Santa I wanted in my letter.I do hope he thinks I have been good enough this year.

Stay safe wherever you are people and enjoy the festivities even if you are not of a religious nature,I'm not but I do enjoy the time with the family all together.I send special wishes to you who are separated from loved ones,my heart goes out to Mandi and Dogan apart on their first wedding anniversary through inept officials in Turkey.
A big hug to all my friends this Christmas(that's a man hug for the boys) and a special one to those of you who will be alone,I'll raise a glass of something to you all tomorrow and wish you the best 2014 you can imagine,I'll wish for peace in the world as always but no bugger ever listens.
Take care of yourselves