Another cold rainy day here in sunny England with the downpour
expected to continue until Wednesday.This means a day cabined up
but at least there is plenty of sport on the goggle box.
With in being no cooking Saturday I have a lazy day ahead. Ellen has to venture out she needs cat food,comfort and hair spray.As the cat food is over £5 a box at the local Tesco and 3 for £10 over the bridge 6 boxes wil save £10 which is a good saving. She will make big savings on the other bits as well of course.

Living on the island good,a nice quiet place to live but shopping here a nightmare it's expensive and limited.The are no filling stations,butchers,clothes or shoe stores and lots of other things,The only big stores we have are Tesco and the Co-op and the corner shop beats them on lots of prices.Other than that we have a chemist,ladies hair salon,sun bed centre,booze shop,whirly wash,a chippy,bakery and a newsagent.We did have a post office but that closed down when the postmaster retired.It pays to plan ahead in your shopping and plenty of freezer space is a must.

I have the cartoon Max drew framed and on my pigeon hole here at
the table where I have the computer.It is in between two of Jenny's
gifts it looks good there.Thanks Max I'm sure it will become a talking
point for visitors.