A break in the weather this morning meant I could stroll over town to
do my Sunday shop.Ellen also had to go into town to cash up last
nights takings at work.She left earlier while it was still raining so caught the bus. I found nothing exciting on the shopping trip it was run of the mill stuff. Ellen was on the return bus when I boarded and we
traveled home together,it was a change to talk to somebody half
sane.The rain started again as we got off the bus but it is only a few
yards from home.

Lunch was simple fare,piping hot tomato soup with sausage rolls,just
the stuff for a cold wet day.

I decided it was time to do my occasional sort out of the little treasure
hoard that Zazzles collects,apart from his toys today's haul included a
flower stalk,a plastic bottle top,one of Ellen's hair bands,a dried up
piece of something that looked as though it was once edible and my
leather bookmark which has been missing for a couple of weeks.He
really is a feline version of a Magpie.A count of the mice revealed there to be 5 with 7 missing,a search under the furniture, our shoes and Ellen's handbag turned up another 4 leaving 3 who's whereabouts are unknown.
I need to be pruning fruit bushes and the Buddleia but the weather
has been too wet as it has for finishing the shed clearance and with no
jobs pending inside I am at a loose end at the moment.The only thing
wrong with that is I start getting restless and go looking for jobs to do,
that snowballs and before I know it I have a major project under
Maybe the sun will shine tomorrow and dry things up so I can get
the garden worked finished.The lawns need a trim before the cold
weather sets but it's doubtful it will dry out enough for that which
means a tough start to the new season come spring.All that is too far
away to bother about though,the jobs in hand are what need sorting.