A dull, damp,quiet morning here,even the cats are lethargic.
The day was suddenly brightened up by the postie,firstly he brought no bills which is always good,secondly and even better was an unexpected parcel.
Examination of the wrapper soon revealed the sender was Jenny.On opening it up I discovered some little gifts brought back from Turkey. The contents were a Zippo style lighter,which is already in action, a fine addition to my collection,a pretty wall-hanger ( I think it should hang free but the temptation for the little furry beasts would prove too much ) and she didn't forget my offspring either. Isn't she just the sweetest girl ? ( I use the girl in it's broadest terms of course,shhh don't tell her I wrote that)
The hanging thingy is now beside the plaques my children and grandchildren gave me,I think it looks just grand especially as I turned the little blue bit round the right way.

I also turned my hat round as Jenny suggested,a big improvement I think you'll agree