A cold rainy day here so with no walking I set about changing the furniture round to full winter rig and cleaning and dusting everything excluding the cats who get grumpy if you polish them.

Mummy Jenny sent a short text earlier the weather has changed in turkey with strong winds and a little rain,something that soon blows through apparently.

We had a visitor this evening my grandson Carl popped in for a chat and he stayed an hour or so which was nice. The grand kids to pop in and out on occasion and it is good to see them,I am lucky I know people who never see their children never mind their grandchildren,that is sad.

No plans for tomorrow with the forecast being a bit iffy So I will see what we have when I wake up.A dry day will see me clearing more stuff from the shed.I am cutting or breaking stuff up to put in the dustin but that means only a small amount at a time because of the household rubbish of course.Two more weeks and I should be able to dismantle the shed and lay it flat.I will take it apart piece by piece and get rid of it in the same way.

I took a snap of a Collared dove taking a drink today,they are like a smaller neater pigeon but no kin to them,cute ain't he?