After the E mail I posted from "Mummy"Jenny basking in hot sunshine here we have our normal weather,55f and raining.
The first day of October,another year speeding to it's conclusion,already advertisements are springing up for the very
extended Christmas period.Ellen and her friend are off Christmas
shopping next week and she has already bought three gifts.
Of course we have Halloween to get over before then,something not much in the limelight here until a short time ago when big business decided to Americanise it,which of course brings rampant
We have Guy Fawkes night over here as well on Nov 5th.That was
very much a small community affair with bonfires lit on a piece of
ground locally and potatoes roasted in it,Families would bring a few
fireworks each and they would be pooled and set off at intervals in
between chatting and sinking a beer or two while the children ate
toffee apples, cinder and or treacle toffee. All home made of course as
was some of the beer which could be very good or very,very bad.
This has all gone now with the large firework displays at sports venues etc,and very tight rules about lighting a bonfire of your own.We had one for years on the little green behind the houses until the authorities decided it was too near the electricity sub station and banned it.What had been alright since the mid '50s was suddenly deemed too dangerous.The fact that the sub station is windowless,brick built with a steel door and surrounded by a brick wall as well as being 25 or 30 yards way didn't make any difference.

So it is time to dig the warmer clothes out ready for the chill easterly
winds but first we will have to face our batch of back end storms colliding with us after racing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic.Rough
times ahead on the weather front,maybe we have time for a short
Indian summer yet,one can live in hope.