News from turkey.
hiya,am sitting in sun with temps of 92f,not that I'm gloating or anything!!
Just had hurt Kingfisher brought back to life by D. Stroked it! Taken loads of pics,it's flown away now.
Hope you are OK luv me.
I did mention in my reply how much folk like her new name Mummy!
that will teach her not to gloat.

I had a Skype call from John yesterday and we chatted for a while before a dish full of dinner pots lured me away. He has had an interesting life, with the army, work and leisure taking him to a lot of places.It was good to put a voice to the name as John rightly said.How different his slight southern accent is from my almost guttural northern twang.

Not much happening here,the rain is falling steadily. The cats are very different when it comes to rain,Sooty ignores it and is just coming in for pit stops to refuel but Zazzles gets really grumpy and takes to his bed,which is where he is at now.
I have a few jobs I could be doing but getting started is proving difficult this morning,in fact it's so late now I might have an early lunch and stir myself into action later.