In line with the recent government vote the latest survey stated that 70% of the people are against any military action in Syria.
Before the government gets carried away with getting public opinion right it is worth saying the result of the government vote was very close by 35 votes I think and that was only achieved by some of their own MPs voting against them.
They are so out of touch with public opinion it is unreal,there isn't a gap between the elected government and the public it's a chasm.
The same old story the rich taking off the poor to give to the rich

It pays not to be superstitious.The boiler and central heating people I mentioned earlier do a check of the system first to check for correct installation and minor faults. I would have to pay to get these sorted which is fair enough.The bloke I spoke too told me with the age of the system and the fact the boiler is a very good make it is highly unlikely any faults will be found.
I just got the date for the inspection it's Friday 13th.

The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskevidekatriaphobia.(spell check threw a wobbler over this word)
Try saying it with your mouth full,or even empty