The day never improved from this morning,no sounds from the neighbours building the extension and no sign of life the other side with John not pottering about either.
Yesterday Ellen heard about Liam doing the bungy jump while she was at work and did a little jig of joy. A customer asked what it was about and when Ellen told him the story he gave her £20 as a donation to the charity. Ellen took it to Janine today and asked after Liam. He is fine apart from his legs aching(no kidding!) and planning a 400ft bungy jump or a parachute drop next. The lad is 15 and fearless.

Here are a couple of shots of the garden, the first is the only patch showing any real colour and that is sparse.

The second is the little red flowers I posted a few days ago,there are many more now and still buds waiting to spring into life, They make me smile.