It is much cooler today only 58f/14c. There is no sign of the sun and rain is in the air. There is a definite Autumnal feel to the day.I have stashed my garden chairs and table away for another year and looking out my garden has a very sad look about it. For the
second year running a very wet spring has washed away a lot of the wildflower seeds before they got going and the wild grass has gone crazy. I know next spring the hope of a garden full of blooms will fire my enthusiasm and full of hope I will start all over again.
The Buddleia has lost it's lovely pink flowers and is now a rusty brown only the poppies and a few of the hardier small flowers remain to bring a little colour on a drab Sunday morning.
It's almost time for the yearly central heating and boiler inspection, a sure sign the colder weather will soon be here.
I like Autumn when the mornings are dry and crisp,walking is good then and although we don't get the amazing colour changes some places do lots of berries brighten up the dull browns of the trees also of we have a lot of evergreens and still the birds sing cheerful songs on misty mornings.It's time to put the walking trainers away and dig out the walking boots,trainers have no place in early morning strolls in these parts this late in the year.Spring comes late and Autumn early up here,but we are used to that.
Maybe summer will have a final flurry before then,an Indian summer would be nice.