The scrap man came by today so I was able to get rid of all the metal from in and around the shed,a small step in the clearing up but a step forward all the same.Tomorrow is rubbish day so
I will cram another bag of wood into the wheelie bin. The sawing up of wood is on hold at the moment of course with the state of my back. It is a lot better today but I am taking no risks I know from bitter experience to take things very steadily for few more days.
So as I am not standing around cooking today I set a lamb casserole off cooking,it was just as a case of snipping few Rosemary sprigs chopping Thyme,onion and garlic adding a dash of paprika, and putting them with the lamb in the slow cooker.I took some lamb stock from the freezer last night so it was an easy job and hopefully a delicious meal at the end of it.

I pulled a dozen or so sticks of rhubarb this morning and gave them to Allan's son Andrew to pass on to Sue. "Oh thanks, mam will make a rhubarb crumble for afters so I'll stop for dinner" he said.
Wise boy.
So that's my day so far it's mid morning and time for a brew ( coffee Gracie ) and some ginger snaps to dunk.
Catch you soon.