We had a visit from Stephen this afternoon,he is off work on a long weekend.
Ellen decided to start painting the front windows and got onto the little porch roof to do one of them,even then her suffering from ducks disease ( short legs) she needed the steps to reach the top. The far end of the window is out of reach so Stephen brought his ladders round and did that part. He suffers from the same fear of heights as Ellen and me plus his back is not clever either so he didn't want to tackle my bedroom window,Ellen went half way up the ladder and paused." It's high up here " she said so I told her to come down again. If you are not comfy with heights you should steer clear of ladders.
So instead she is did the downstairs front window which she can reach from the small steps. two out of three ain't bad as Meatloaf sang.
They are good kids.