A productive morning here. I flashed the pass to get over the bridge as the weather looked a little iffy.
I left the house at 10:25
bus came 10:30
dropped me off near Morrisons 10:40
in and out by 10:45
into B&M 10:50
Left and into Cooltrader 10:55
left and a short stroll to Wilkos in by 11:03
out and at the nearby bus stop 11:09
bus came at 11:12
left at 11:15
dropped me off 20 yards from home 11:25
that is my kind of shopping trip.

I fed the cats and they scarpered so I cut some chicken breasts into cubes,but them in the slow cooker,added a large chopped onion 3 gloves of grated garlic,mixed 2 chicken stock cubes with water added that switched on and made a brew and chewed on a couple of Viscount mint choccy biscuits.
Brew over I added rosemary,thyme,grated nutmeg, a sprinkle or two of paprika and 2 teaspoons of Worcester sauce to the casserole and left it to bubble away,just new potatoes to cook when the time comes. Ellen is on a late shift today. 11:30 until 7 so it will be 7:30 when she gets home by which time I will have eaten mine. So while she gets a shower and changed I will boil her spuds and that's my work done for the day
I have a steak pie in the oven for lunch and as the sun has finally broken through after lunch I will don my knee revealing shorts and head for the garden.
Catch you soon.